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Meditation & Support Group

I am hoping to start a meditation group for those who suffer from chronic pain. This group will not be tradition-focused but rather a space to become still and mindful together. Through understanding the purpose of pain in your life, you can move towards creating the life you desire. I will be drawing upon my own experience healing myself from fibromyalgia. This will be unlike any other ‘Pain Support Group’ you have encountered. We will meet every other week in Oakland for two and a half hours on weekday evenings and there will be no more than 6 participants. Further direction and timing of the group will be determined by those interested in participating. The cost will be $30 per meeting. If interested in exploring this possibility, please email me to learn more.

Graham Quigley is a Licensed Acupuncturist who provides affordable healthcare in the east bay of the San Francisco bay area.  He specializes in pain management, stress reduction, anxiety and depression, skin conditions, fatigue, and digestive disorders for people and animals. He has offices in the beautiful Montclair district and near Summit Hospital in Oakland, CA and is close to Berkeley, Orinda, Lafayette, San Leandro, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda and other major bay area cities. He offers classes and workshops as well ~ innerpurpose@gmail.com.

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